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Quo Vadis and Barrafina

Cooking with merriment and care in his small corner of Soho, Jeremy Lee has marked Quo Vadis, on Dean Street, as a haven for lovers of simple but joyous cooking. The club, adorned with jaunty artwork on rambling staircases and in intimate surroundings, distinguishes itself as a convivial gathering place quite unlike any other. 

Just next door, the open kitchen of Barrafina (one Michelin Star) serves up refined but no less hearty Iberian fare with a strictly democratic ‘no reservations’ policy. Guests sit alongside strangers at the bar as the heat and energy of the kitchen happens all around them. 

These two institutions form a key part of the Harts Group. Baxter + Company has been delighted to assist the Group with food and interior photography over the years.


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